Un commentaire sur “La dernière lettre de Michael C. Ruppert à Jack Martin, son ami.

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this and yes, you are correct…Mike really believed he was doing it for us, « the children ». He really believed he had done everything he could for us and we still weren’t doing what needed to be done and as he has said, ‘there is no more time ». Those who closely followed and or knew Mike know that he believed the end wasn’t just coming, but that it was already happening. If you asked Mike « when » he would tell you, « NOW, it’s already happening today, tomorrow and yesterday’. Those who had no relationship other than to see a vid or read a article or book and assume they KNOW this man, simply do not. To hammer this home, go to youtube and google his name with the addition of the word « Crumbs »… Mike made a vid in his CA home before going to CO that he called « crumbs » and in it you will see what I am saying with regards to that. Mike WAS an alarmist, because he was alarmed (rightfully), but his behavior in the vid I just referenced is very much like much of Mike’s behavior when WE didn’t see him in a vid or read him in a book…yannao what I mean? Anyhow, thank you again and please keep checking back to my sight. I have more evidence and such I will be sharing walking everyone through to his final moment. there is still a few things you all don’t know yet that WILL help to some degree how we feel about this loss and will certainly help rid the nest of those who don’t care about Mike (or others like him), but only care for the next « conspiracy theory » they themselves can manufacture.

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